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Who we are

"A spaceship without a crew is just a tin container“
-Florian, Solution Architect-

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We are ABInauts

Every Audi Business Innovation employee takes on the role of ABInaut from day one. Essentially, this role describes what we expect of each other as colleagues and what values are important to us in the search for new ABInauts.

The role has its own purpose: to consciously explore and expand the Audi Business Innovation world.

As ABInauts, we are...

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  • Open to new ideas.
  • Eager to discover uncharted areas.
  • Hungry to learn. Every day.
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  • We want to understand the world (Audi Business Innovation and all of its touchpoints).
  • We want to test and observe in order to improve through lessons learned and then pass on these insights.
  • We want to learn and share methods.
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Part of a team

  • We maintain the Audi Business Innovation spirit by actively appreciating, practising and further developing the principles and values of our abiOS rulebook.
  • We actively contribute to business success and community building.
  • We are there for each other.

Our principles

  • 1. Focus on purpose

    Our work at Audi Business Innovation is based on purpose. The organization, every circle and every role has a purpose. The purposes are internalized and in case of ambiguity they are used as a decision aid.

  • 2. Focus on strengths

    With focus on our own strengths, clear roles, high competencies and full transparency we are fit to recognize our journey and to evolve along the path. Solution-oriented, hungry to learn and willing to compromise, we move forward in small steps.

  • 3. Role-based approach

    We live ‘responsibility’ by organizing our work in roles, decide within them and communicate from each role. Responsibilities in roles are clearly aligned and transparent, the autonomy of each role is ensured. We use these roles to take on all possible perspectives for good solutions.

  • 4. Skill-based hierarchy

    Leadership roles are spread across the organization and transparent. The Audi Business Innovation is not without a hierarchy, decision-making powers are represented in roles.

  • 5. Proposal thinking

    Everyone has responsibility for working in the organization and on the organization. Instead of thinking in problems we work in solutions. By taking collective responsibility and proactively developing solutions, we strengthen the efficiency and cohesion of our company.

  • 6. Disagree and commit

    We make quick and binding decisions, even when there are differences of opinion. All interests are valuable perspectives that are heard. In discussions we concentrate on valid objections and commit to solutions on the basis of a decision.

  • 7. Focus on learning

    We use feedback and conflicts to let the Audi Business Inovation evolve. By constantly learning from our experiences, we push the company towards new hights of agility and understanding. We talk to each other, not about each other.

  • 8. Transparency

    The basis of self-organization is a high priority on transparency and everyone is responsible for it. If information is missing, it will be gathered proactively. On the other hand, relevant information for all will be shared consciously to others. We are open about our errors and mistakes.

  • 9. Think big, start small

    We work on ambitious goals in small steps. For each product or topic we define objectives, that we iterate step by step with courage. By breaking down grand visions into manageable tasks, we take relevant steps and stand up for change, instead of merely discussing it. Less talking, more action.

  • 10. User-business fit

    We reconcile customer benefit and efficiency. Based on facts and hypothesis-based methods we validate customer needs and constantly consider the outcomes of every project. By harmonizing these two aspects, we not only meet user expectations but also ensure the productive and cost-effective operation of every endeavor.

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