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What we do

Business areas and projects of Audi Business Innovation GmbH

Thematic fields of Audi Business Innovation

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    Automotive Visualization Platform

    The Automotive Visualization Platform (AVP) is a tool that can visualise the configuration of a product/car based on CAD data in real time and in 3D.

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    Customer Relationship Management

    Here at Audi Business Innovation we have set ourselves the goal of pooling and further developing expert knowledge and capabilities in a CRM Centre of Competence.

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    Audi Commerce Platform

    The focus of the Audi Commerce Platform (ACP) project is on the development of the shopping platform which provides customers with digital services in the latest generations of vehicles.

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    MSI Platform

    The MSI Platform team provides a toolset for the entire Volkswagen Group that facilitates collaboration within teams and projects and reduces the workload of software development teams.

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    Digital Products and Services

    These digital solutions have been developed by Audi Business Innovation and enrich the digital ecosystem of Audi AG.

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    Performance Marketing & Data

    We combine the best of digital marketing, content, data and technology – tailored to the requirements of vehicle component manufacturers (OEMs).

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