AVP – Automotive Visualization Platform

The automated CGI visualization pipeline of the VW Group

"With the AVP, we're shaping the future of scaled automotive visualization."

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About AVP

<p>The Automotive Visualization Platform (AVP) represents a holistic visualization ecosystem that enables automotive brands to create more customer centered experiences based on cutting edge visualization technologies. A raising amount of touchpoints and use cases makes it necessary to develop a visualization solution that covers the entire digital landscape.  In order to realize this, the AVP empowers cross-functional expertise with a high end-to-end focus, from the very first CAD model preparation to on demand distribution and high quality frontend experiences.  In a nutshell, our goal is to create everything from a car configurator to on demand videos or slick social media content in a couple of minutes and with only a few clicks.  AVP provides the automated digital pipeline not only to Audi but to various other brands of the VW Group like VW, VW Commercial Vehicles, Lamborghini or CUPRA.</p>
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Onsite Products

<p>We visualize cars in all possible configurations for various digital retail modules.</p> <p>Explore how our products can help you to create a holistic experience in your dealer facility!</p>
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Online Products

<p>We enable an automated omni-channel content approach by delivering images and videos into all digital touchpoints.</p> <p>Explore how our products can help you to create a holistic online customer journey!</p>

Automotive Visualization Platform in numbers

4 brands and 38 markets

of the VW Group are live in front of end-customers with our render solution

&gt;185.000 images

rendered each day

55 Employees

with brutal expertise

A little appetizer

of what the AVP can offer

ABInauts / Employee voices

An employee portrait

“I feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing team: full of passion, energy and appreciation for one another.” - Magda, Release Train Engineer

An employee portrait

"I&#x27;m pleased to work with a highly motivated team that desires to improve and is willing to change the automotive visualization industry.” - Ben, Advisor und Content Lead

An employee portrait

“We utilize technologies such as 3D Streaming, VR and XR in our fast-paced environment, while prioritizing user-centric development to address challenges within the Volkswagen Group.” - Toni, User Experience Design

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