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Agile Teams

In order to be able to generate added value through innovative ideas and new concepts in the complexity and dynamics of the digital world, new working methods and structures are needed. At ABI, we rely on a flexible, self-organized system that is constantly being further developed and adapted to the current needs of the organization.

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Culture and Mindset

<p>We know that personal attitude, individual behaviour, a common culture and lived structures are closely related and interact. That is why we try to optimise and alter our approach in these areas by focusing on people and, at the same time, bolstering our team spirit.</p> <p>By emphasising purpose and strengths, we ensure that every Audi Business Innovation employee (we’re known as ‘ABInauts’) can make a meaningful contribution and is highly self-motivated. Together, we keep on striving for improvement through a wide variety of feedback formats and often come up with new ideas and approaches in the process. In addition, the issue of being appreciative and respectful in our dealings with colleagues is taken very seriously at Audi Business Innovation and is therefore also an important part of our corporate culture.</p>
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<p>We want to make Audi Business Innovation more international step by step, which also includes changing our corporate language to English.</p> <p>We would like to consciously change the language as a cultural element in order to give all nationalities the opportunity to become part of the Audi Business Innovation GmbH community without language barriers. In addition, we continue to promote cooperation with international partners in order to strengthen the continuous growth of interculturality in the company.</p>
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Remote Work

<p>Audi Business Innovation GmbH lives a hybrid working model in which our ABInauts are free, within the framework of operational requirements, to work remotely within Germany or in one of our attractive offices in downtown Munich.</p> <p>As part of our "workation" benefit, there is also the opportunity to work in another European country for a certain period of the year. By working together at our physical and virtual workplaces, we want to give our employees more individual flexibility and at the same time reduce our ecological footprint. Our cooperation model is continuously put to the test, taking into account the needs of our ABInaut_innen and, if necessary, adjusted in order to offer a permanently attractive working environment.</p>
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<p>At Audi Business Innovation GmbH we not only accept differences - we support them, we celebrate them and we live them for the benefit of our ABInauts, our community and our products. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.</p> <p>We believe that people can be more creative, innovative and successful when they feel respected and included. We actively promote inclusion and welcome diversity. We continuously adapt our processes so that discrimination against our employees is prevented and diversity is promoted sustainably in the company.</p>
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Training & Development

<p>Continuous learning and personal development are very important to us. With a set of development tools, such as the competence wheel or the Learning & Development Canvas, a targeted promotion and further development of each individual can take place.</p> <p>In addition, each employee has an annual training budget and a quota of training days for external training. These benefits are intended to support the ABInauts in their personal and/or professional development. But there are also many offers within the company that contribute to the promotion of various skills at both individual and team level. This includes further training and workshops in the area of ​​constructive communication, individual coaching, facilitator training, strengths coaching formats or the use of internal mediators to resolve conflicts. There are also formats such as the Lab Day for learning together within a professional community.</p>
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Organisation & team structures

<p>Audi Business Innovation operates with a self-organised, principles-based roles organisation, complemented by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe framework) where it is useful. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a set of organizational and workflow patterns aimed at implementing agile practices at an enterprise scale, offering structured guidance on roles, responsibilities, work planning, and management, as well as upheld values.</p> <p>Our team structures and working methods continuously adapt to best meet customer needs and create optimal value. As such, our teams are in a constant state of iteration, moving within the principles of self-organisation.</p> <p>'Agile teams' is a term that fits all units at Audi Business Innovation. The teams closest to product development are heavily influenced by SAFe and its incorporated roles and processes. Within this framework, we utilize agile working methods like Scrum or Kanban, with 'circle organization' also being a common practice. Corporate Services, on the other hand, represent a balanced mix of what is required at Audi Business Innovation in order to maximize value for teams.</p>

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