Digital Service Development

„We live a user centric approach to explore, create and build innovative digital products & services with future proof business models.“

Our Skills & Contributions

VR Brillennutzerin

User Empathie & Market Insights

<p>We live customer centricity - learning about the users’ needs in various life areas is our passion. Continuous exchange with our users is part of our daily business and solving dedicated customer problem is our core motivation.  Empathy towards our customers gives us the ability to spot future trends, expectations, and habits. Our perspective is not limited by our core business but cross industry development in collaboration with our partners within the Foresight Academy.</p>
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Experience Design & Customer Centric Services

<p>As a driver of innovation for digital services and experiences in the Audi ecosystem, we are constantly working on issues which help the Audi users to move through life more easily.</p> <p>We think and build digital products from the beginning to the end. Our skillset extends from deriving ideas from customer insights to the conception of prototypes and the definition of a minimal viable lovable product. In other words, we create experiences which not only excite people inside the vehicle but seamlessly integrated into their lifestyle.</p>
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Business Modeling, Products & Collaborations

<p>We believe that successful products hold a balance between customer needs and business requirements. Economic success is core of our business approaches.</p> <p>The ability to define and create future proof business models, stable operating systems and the engaging a strong partner network allow us to bring new products and collaborations to market. </p>

Our Products

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Foresight Academy: Our glimpse into the future

The Foresight Academy is a platform where companies from different industries explore how customers want to live in ten years and create shared visions of desirable future everyday life.

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MOBIKO: Our latest venture

From Idea to product to venture. MOBIKO is one of our success stories that proofs customer centricity, strong commitment and trust-based partnerships make radical innovations possible.

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