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Customer Relationship Management

"We enable a seamless experience for Audi customers and users."

Tailored Audi experience – a shared journey

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Strong Collaborations

As a customer relationship management (CRM) team, we strive to align our actions with the wishes and requirements of Audi customers and users.That’s why we are constantly working on shaping the interaction between the Audi brand and its users through relevant content and seamless, cross-channel experiences. Together with our partners in Audi and CARIAD (the VW Group’s automotive software company), we design both the specialist and the technical basis for communication and interaction with our users. Using Salesforce technologies, we turn ideas and concepts into reality.

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A journey into the Audi universe

Our aim is to welcome every user into the Audi universe and take them on a unique, shared journey. We are motivated by the long-term relationship between Audi and its users – a relationship that is shaped by positive experiences and interactions, from their first interest in Audi and driving our cars, through to solving individual inquiries. We are happy to learn from our customers’ feedback and continually to improve products, services, processes, and technologies.

Perks & Benefits of the CRM

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Seamless Customer Experience

<p>We make the Audi brand experience individually relevant and sustainable for each user. We orchestrate personalized content that adapts to the preferences and requests of our users to create a connected, seamless customer experience across different channels.<br><br>The latest Salesforce technology forms the basis for creating an overall experience from data, processes, and content.</p>
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Goals & Vision

<p>As the Audi Business Innovation CRM team, we have set ourselves the goal of pooling and further developing specialist knowledge from the areas of customer relationship management and Salesforce technology in a competence center. The close, interdisciplinary cooperation between technical experts and Salesforce software architects is established practice for us.  Agility is at the heart of our operation.</p> <p>Together with our partners at AUDI and CARIAD, we adjust our joint approach to the respective requirements of our work and rely on different methods, such as Scrum or SAFe.  Our experts align roles and approach to the respective task. The spectrum of applications ranges from advisory roles in projects for the innovative design of new business models and services through to the end-to-end assumption of responsibility for live operating CRM systems.</p>

ABInauts / Employee voices

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“For me, Audi Business Innovation (ABI) offers the best mix of freedom and effectiveness at work that I’ve encountered so far. I really appreciate how everyone here comes to work as an individual and how we work together on our goals.” - Jan, Circle Guide CRM -

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“What I particularly appreciate about ABI is the people, the values, the work environment – it feels like home to me.” - Catharina, Product Owner -

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“If each of us does one thing better for our users every day, we will do a lot of things much better overall.” - Maria, Direction CRM -

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