In an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, flexible structures form the basis for innovative ideas and concepts. This is why we at Audi Business Innovation GmbH are calling for a transformation into a next-level organization.

We put self-organization and initiative into practice.


We value self-organized work in interdisciplinary teams. We work based on strengths and allow our colleagues to decide where their strengths will be best encouraged. We promote decision processes that allow for controversial debate, but nevertheless give rise to efficient solutions. We base our technological decisions on facts, data and the solutions best-suited to the problems at hand. We focus our work on a common goal and organize our work based on expertise and interests. We use new meeting formats to make us faster. We make our expectations explicitly by having clear roles and sharing responsibility.


We learn.


We welcome mistakes. We learn from them, share our experiences and adapt. We rise to new challenges.

We create value.


We believe in a community in which individual characters and team spirit develop. We believe in having an implementation-oriented approach in order to impress our customers with innovative solutions. We believe in simplicity because premium quality comes from reducing complexity.

We are constantly carrying out research.

We question our decisions and our abilities each and every day.

– Code reviews
– Retrospectives
– Education and training
– Meet-ups
– Hackathons
– Conferences
– Inno-days
– Brown-bag sessions

That’s what makes us agile.