Audi mobility innovations

We provide mobility solutions for people who would like to use an Audi in a flexible way. For business or pleasure. When and for as long as they want. Across the entire model range. Our global solution to this is called Audi on demand.


The focus is on the customer and the customer’s desire for flexibility and “more time”, combined with a promise of a premium driving experience. 



Think about what type of experience you could have if you no longer had to take care of the car yourself, or if you didn't even have to own it?

Own the experience. Not the car.

Audi on demand

Audi on demand is currently available in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, Manchester and at Munich Airport and will gradually be rolled out further in Europe, Asia and the USA.

According to the principle “What you see is what you get”, customers can quickly and easily reserve their dream Audi via the Audi on demand website itself or the related app by tapping on their smart phone. Customers can choose from the latest premium brand products with comprehensive features and the latest technologies: from exclusive sedans, to dynamic Audi Sport models through to the popular Q-Series models.

Flexible availability ranging from an hour to a month, comprehensive inclusive services and personal care and attention when the vehicle is delivered make Audi on demand the ideal service for demanding users. Mobility can hardly be more convenient.


Learn more about Audi on demand Munich:

Audi on demand provides customers at Munich Airport with the opportunity to quickly and easily reserve the latest Audi models at the push of a button, even just for an hour.

Whether for a short last-minute journey or a business trip, you can find the right Audi for you and reserve it online. You can collect your dream vehicle in just a few minutes from the myAudi Sphere at Munich Airport or reserve your car for later.

With Audi on demand, you can choose from the latest models, in particular those have only just made their debut. This ensures that an airport transfer with Audi on demand is a special driving experience.

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