Audi customer IT solutions

We are driving innovation for intuitive and forward-looking technologies for everything related to mobility and the vehicle. As the digital implementation partner of AUDI AG, we provide and implement innovative technologies for developing and supplying digital services.

We bring people and technology together and ensure that everything runs seamlessly. For us, the user and the user’s needs always come first. We evaluate and integrate valuable user feedback by means of process-related analysis, user tests and expert tests, placing the individual at the heart of our product development.

We are creating a digital engineering culture. With a dynamic organization structure and using agile working methods, our interdisciplinary teams create cloud-native applications for use in the digital Audi ecosystem. State-of-the-art technologies and the latest infrastructure help our teams to not only deliver solutions autonomously and quickly, but also to quickly respond to new specifications and thereby maintain high-quality standards.

We are shaping the future. In the Big Data team, we focus on analytical projects that relate to the customer and the customer’s vehicle. This process covers the entire analytical process from gathering and integrating data, to statistical modeling and finally presenting the results, in order to finally be able to show where the potential lies for product and process optimization. Our motto: Data is our driving force to shape the future with technologically innovative solutions.

We are using digital content to move people.
A core element of Audi customer IT solutions is supporting the transformation of traditional dealerships into interactive, digital showrooms. In Audi City showrooms and the digitized Audi dealerships across the world, customers are using touchscreen applications, mobile tablet solutions, virtual reality systems and large-scale visualization to experience the entire product range of more than 50 models and the millions of functions and configuration options.

# Technical expertise

    We are experts

# Speed

    We use modern methods

# Implementation

    We create solutions

# Sustainability

    We think of today and tomorrow

# Efficiency

    We work in interdisciplinary teams

# Flexibility

    We are agile.