Audi e-power:

With the market launch of the C-BEV vehicle, Audi will have the first all-electric vehicle in the fleet. Coupled with this, Audi will need to satisfy the customer’s charging requirements. This is now a question of providing the customer with a sustainable complete premium charging package (for existing PHEV vehicles and future BEVs).

For this purpose, the framework conditions for a business case regarding charging, called Audi e-power, will be examined and tested in a “1.0 range of systems” fleet test. The offer of “charging from a single source” will be tested using fleets of company cars and test subjects in the dealership organization.

The central element of this premium product is the use of exclusively green energy. The premium package covers:

- All of the fleet customer’s charging requirements (private, employer, public)
- Employer billing for personal charging processes
- “All-inclusive” package incl. hardware, installation as well as a power package including e-roaming

An app will also be provided which the user can use to manage their charging requirements — from carrying out searches, starting charging, to billing.

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Audi e-gas:

The Audi e-gas offer as standard: 80% lower CO₂ emissions. With Audi e-gas, Audi has independently developed a form of fuel and is operating the world’s largest power-to-gas plant in Emsland, Germany.

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