Audi e-gas

The facts speak for themselves: Audi g-tron with Audi e-gas combines sports performance, design and long-haul mobility with renewable energies.

With Audi e-gas, Audi has independently developed a form of fuel and is operating the world’s largest power-to-gas plant in Emsland, Germany. It is generated from renewable energy, water, CO₂ and residual materials. This makes it a synthetic, CO₂-neutral fuel. Audi g-tron drivers don’t have to drive to a specific e-gas filling station to fill up on this fuel. Instead, virtually climate-neutral Audi e-gas fed into the overall natural gas grid will replace precisely the amount of fossil-fuel natural gas consumed by g-tron drivers. This means that e-gas users are able to conveniently make the most of the renewable fuel.

Audi is making g-tron models available to all customers throughout Europe for a period of three years by feeding the calculated volume of Audi e-gas into the natural gas grid, thereby reducing the vehicle’s CO₂ footprint by more than 80%* compared to a comparable vehicle in operation using fossil gasoline.

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