Audi balanced technologies

Sustainable mobility


The future of energy supply in Germany belongs to renewable energies. However, the production of power from wind and sun is subject to natural fluctuations, which means the industry faces huge challenges due to the still very limited storage capacities currently available.


The Audi e-gas project is an important element in the energy revolution because it resolves an outstanding issue: how renewable power can be stored regardless of location and over a longer period. Because as well as using it as a fuel for natural gas-driven vehicles, e-gas can also be reconverted when it isn’t very windy or sunny. The enormous capacity of the natural gas grid then works like a very large storage buffer and can deliver energy precisely to where it is needed at the time.

Projects of Audi balanced technologies

Audi e-gas:

The Audi e-gas offer as standard: 80% lower CO₂ emissions. With Audi e-gas, Audi has independently developed a form of fuel and is operating the world’s largest power-to-gas plant in Emsland, Germany.

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Audi e-power:

With the launch of its first all-electrical vehicle, Audi will need to satisfy customers’ charging requirements. To this end, we are examining and testing the framework conditions in a fleet test in order to create a premium charging product for business customers.

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