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Who we are and in which roles we work? Get to know a part of our crew.
Christian, Business Analyst und Data Consultant bei der ABI

Christian, 31

#DataDrivenMindset #Analytics #GrowthHacker #LearnAndAdapt

Hi! As a business analyst and data consultant, my projects within and outside of ABI are all about examining how to make data-driven decisions so that we can boost product development and marketing efficiency and make lasting improvements in terms of user experience. The best part: my colleagues and the positive ABI culture!

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What is a typical working day like?
There’s no such thing as a typical working day. The various projects require that we work on different topics and issues from day to day – so it never gets boring. I might have a lot of meetings scheduled for one day, for example, but keep the next day free so that I can get important things done. Sometimes a project may also involve travel. So I’m not even in the same place every day. Instead, I switch between our various sites, external offices and working from home.

What is the policy in relation to working from home?
We have clear rules for this. I usually work from home if I need a day completely to myself to really make progress on something specific. But I wouldn’t want to work solely from home – as I mentioned, we get on really well in the office and I would miss the interaction with my colleagues. The main thing is that we have some flexibility in how we structure our daily work, for times when we need to be at home to let a tradesperson in, for example. Of course, the coronavirus means we’re currently in a different situation. But we still have clear guidelines that allow us to work both in the office and from home. 

What do you find special about Audi Business Innovation (ABI)?

The culture and my colleagues are what make it special. We have established our own organisational culture that is based on holacratic principles. We are organised in circles (teams), work largely autonomously within these structures and make decisions in this way. This was obviously a big change in the beginning, but it’s an incredibly motivating way to work once you’re used to it. And my fantastic colleagues deserve a particular shout-out: I have such fun working on things with the people at ABI in our joint circles and homebases. Sometimes this also leads to us spending time together outside of the office, which shows how well we get on with each other.

Amelie, Assistenz der Geschäftsführung bei der ABI

Amelie, 28

#InfoExpert #TalentedOrganiser #SkiTripCoordinator #BalletDancer #Globetrotter

Hi, I’m Amelie, and I've been on board ABI since 2016. Having started as an intern in the HR department, I now try to keep all threads together as an executive assistant. It’s become tradition that I organise our ski weekend each year.

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What sets ABI apart?
It’s the ABInauts that give ABI its special (team) spirit: more or less everybody knows each other and we are a helpful and friendly bunch, from newbies to old hands. Colleagues who work together in the mornings on overcoming challenges often become friends who enjoy spending time together outside of ABI in the evenings as well.

Which event do you look back on fondly?

Definitely our last employee workshops. Everyone comes together for these events, which are planned, moderated and conducted by us ABInauts ourselves. Over the course of the day, we focus on topics that are important to all of us. Then we have an evening together, which might involve anything from a relaxed catch-up to dancing the night away.

Dennis, Frontend-Entwickler bei der ABI

Dennis, 33

#PixelPusher #Innovation #LabDay

Hey, I’m Dennis! I’ve been working as a frontend developer at ABI since 2019. What I like most about ABI is that I can help shape the innovations of tomorrow here. I can also use our monthly Lab Day to further develop my own ideas.

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How can developers contribute to innovation at ABI?
We developers get one “Lab Day” a month. We can use this to either build on our skills or work on new innovations. We are completely free to select our projects in this regard. Previous Lab Days have already produced many things that we now use every day, such as the MyABI app, which gives us an overview of all ABInauts at all times. And there’s the ABI info screen at the office, which provides up-to-date information on when the next S-Bahn train is leaving and much more.

Esther, Audi on demand und Vertrieb Europa

Esther, 33

#Audiondemand #Sales #ThinkBigStartFast #FutureOfMobility #Bartender

I’m Esther, and I’ve been an ABInaut since ABI was founded in 2013. I began as a trainee, I’ve supported projects in Sweden and the US, and now I’m responsible for Audi on demand in the German market as well as marketing the platform in Europe. My colleagues in particular are what make ABI special for me, from the relaxed and friendly dealings in daily business to the laughter-filled evenings at the many afterwork events.

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How much freedom to make decisions do you have at ABI?
ABI is a company with a flat hierarchy. The principle of self-organisation holds in all areas. We try to fill all roles on the basis of skills and strengths where possible. We make decisions quickly, based on our expertise. Of course, management are involved in business-critical matters. But I always feel empowered to take the initiative and make decisions, regardless of my role.

What opportunities for further development and switching direction are available to me at ABI?

There are obviously defined job descriptions at ABI that bring with them certain opportunities for development. But nothing is set in stone. It’s always what you make of it. Regardless of where you start out at ABI, you can take advantage of opportunities for further development, training and involvement in different projects according to your skills, strengths and interests. What matters is how proactive you are, your ability to find solutions with regard to capacity planning together with the relevant teams and your entrepreneurial spirit.

What is your favorite place at the ABI?

Definitely the roof terrace at Hochbrückenstraße. We’ve already enjoyed many relaxed lunch breaks, fun-filled BBQ evening and emotional farewell gathering at this little gem in the heart of Munich.

Does this sound like the kind of place where you’d like to work?

Michael, Solution und Software Architect

Michael, 44

#SoftwareArchitect #TeamPlayer #AnalyticalLearner #StructureEnthusiast

Hi, I’m Michael, and I’m an ABInaut in the solution and software architect role – the focus shifts depending on needs during the course of the respective project. As we represent very different project and product contexts at Audi Business Innovation and have to deal with all kinds of requirements and process models in doing so, this invariably results in very specific new approaches with their own challenges. I particularly value our flat company hierarchy and the related focus on self-organisation. I feel that this, combined with our wide range of opportunities to continuously build on both our technical and soft skills, creates a successful working environment that is second to none.

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How do you pick the topics you work on? How does a project come to ABI?
Project requests are usually logged centrally in ABI via a portfolio organisation. It then assesses the requests on a cross-project basis together with the role-based homebases and a steering group.

Is interaction at cross-project level organised or supported for the respective roles/my role?
Role-based organisational units which we refer to as homebases have formed at a cross-project level. This means that alongside the project-related organisation we also have a role-based structure, similar to a matrix organisation. This is often where ideas are exchanged between projects. Appropriate time is allocated from projects for this.

How is software architecture implemented at ABI?
Software architecture is often taken to mean many things. Depending on your perspective, various aspects play a more or less important role here. It all becomes interesting when you try to differentiate these from other aspects.

We don’t take a rigid or highly selective approach to the topic here either, but still offer various ways of grappling with software architecture in a professional and forward-looking manner.

While a dedicated homebase has established itself in the architect role, there are also architecture roles in other homebases, including Software Engineering and DevOps. A certain specialisation can be assumed from the names alone. It is important to understand here that the role profile is largely formulated by the homebases themselves.

The scope of responsibilities is another way of classifying the architect role. While we assume a stronger link to implementation for a role within a team, questions in relation to the overall solution design and company-wide topics from Enterprise Architecture are more likely to arise across all teams.

Julian, Prokejtleiter bei ABI

Julian, 29

#ProjectLead #Generalist #AugmentedReality #CreativeThinking #GoodMood #MunichSportsLife #Possible@ABI

Hey, I’m Julian, and I've been with ABI since 2014. I began as an intern in the Mobility Operations team. I’ve been able to gain great experience over recent years and was given the opportunity to lead an innovative project. I find constant motivation from ABI’s versatility and all of the personal responsibility that you are given around here.

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Where does innovation take place at Audi Business Innovation?
Everywhere, essentially. The areas we cover range from vehicle-related projects and digital and UX assignments through to performance marketing topics. These are dealt with in a flat hierarchy that affords considerable autonomy. But it is not only in these areas that we work iteratively or carry out tests. All employees can take initiative when it comes to the corporate culture. For example, an employee-friendly working from home concept and flexible sabbatical policy have been introduced to date, to name a few things. Colleagues have also taken it upon themselves to put childcare options in place. At ABI, innovation is our daily business.

How closely do you all work together with AUDI AG in Ingolstadt?

ABI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG, so we work closely with our colleagues in Ingolstadt on many projects. AUDI AG is often the client on topics that can then be quickly implemented by the specialists at ABI. One nice aspect of this collaboration is seeing elements relating to organisational culture that are part of daily life here at ABI increasingly finding their way into AUDI AG, where they then have a lasting influence on the work there.

Patrick, Cloud-Ingenieur bei der ABI

Patrick, 29

#DevOps #CloudEngineer #TechEnthusiast #BulliTravel

Hi, my name is Patrick, and I’ve been working on the ABI Cloud Platform team since 2019. I particularly like the many freedoms and development opportunities that I have here, as well as my invaluable team. I am motivated day after day by always being at the cutting edge and working with the latest technologies.

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What influence do I have on technical project implementation as a cloud platform engineer?
As a cloud platform engineer, you’re the expert when it comes to the technical implementation of our projects and tasks in the cloud. We have free rein on this within the circles and can decide together which solution we consider the best. This means we can always work with the latest tools and technology, among other things, while learning something new every day.

Julian, Interaction Designer

Julian, 29

#HumanCentred #Innovation #CreativeMinds #Volleyball@ABI #Viktualienmarkt

Hi, I’m Julian, and I’ve been part of the Experience Design team since 2018. As researchers and service, UX and interaction designers, we ensure the best user experience. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover the everyday problems of our target groups and design innovative solutions for these.

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How do you all come up with new ideas?
The process differs from project to project. Every ABInaut has the opportunity to push exciting new projects in internal innovation formats. And our colleagues from Ingolstadt also come to us with matters that require our expertise. Then the various disciplines consider which approach will produce the best outcome. This mostly involves collaboration between Research, Experience Design and Business Design in the early innovation phase. We uncover the actual problems together and work out the best possible solutions using a multitude of user-centric methodologies.

Robert, 30

Robert, 30

#Product #Transformation #Mindfulness #Nature

Hi. I’m Robert, and I’ve been an ABInaut since 2016. I feel motivated every day that I come to ABI because it’s my job to offer ABInauts the space in which they can develop as a rounded individual and become the best version of themselves.

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What does self-organisation mean at ABI?
Here at ABI, self-organisation means that each individual ABInaut has the autonomy they need to make decisions on the basis of competence and, at the same time, feels sufficiently well attuned to the company strategy to act in a purposeful way.

What’s the vibe at ABI?

We ABInauts consider ourselves part of a crew that is discovering new things together. We meet for projects, to exchange ideas, to learn from each other and just to have fun together. We have established various formats for this, including brown bag sessions, cinema d’inspiration, f**k-up nights, “Bier ab 4” drinks, meet-ups, podcasts, meditation sessions, challenges and much more.

Rupert, Zukunfsforscher bei der ABI

Rupert, 43

#CustomerForesight #ForesightAcademy #Illustrator #MountainFan #BrazilEnthusiast

Hi, I’m Rupert, and I love our free and modern work culture and Bar Centrale across the road! My projects revolve around the question of how we want to live tomorrow and how we can benefit from dialogues with visionary customers for the development of future products and services. Since 2019, my main project has been the Foresight Academy, which we launched as a platform, where companies from different industries create joint visions of how we want to live in the future.

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To what extent does ABI set new standards?
The ABI is characterized by a special combination of high performance and a relaxed work culture. There is a high level of innovation and digital competency. And in the field of agile organizational development and modern work culture we have been repeatedly setting standards in the last years. The remark "Exploring since 2013" goes well with us as a learning company and curious people.

Sarah, Werkstudentin bei ABI

Sarah, 24

#StudentTraineeFinance #FinanceTeam #TeamSpirit

Hey, I’m Sarah, and I’ve been two years with ABI as an intern/student trainee. Even in these roles, I’ve already been able to play a part on many projects, e.g. in relation to the Christmas party, employee workshops and onboarding new employees. The best way to start the day is having a delicious coffee with great colleagues.

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As an intern or student trainee, how involved are you at ABI?
Interns and student trainees are also warmly welcomed at ABI and are fully integrated into the team and ABI as a whole from day one. All interns and student trainees meet every two weeks to have lunch together in order to also strengthen this team spirit. In your team itself, you are very heavily involved and are allowed to take on many tasks completely independently.

Sven, Service Manager bei ABI

Sven, 53

#CloudPlatform #Community #ServiceManager #Motorcyclist #ILoveMyDogs

Hi! I’m Sven, and I’ve been an ABInaut since 2014. I look after the user community and the service quality of our cloud platform services. Being an ABInaut means that I can build on my strengths in the best possible way and use them for the good of the team, day after day.

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What’s onboarding like here?
As a new ABInaut, you are assigned a mentor. They take care of all of the necessary formalities in relation to your new duties, introduce you to the ABI culture and your new colleagues, and help you settle into your new role. Going forward, your mentor is still available to you for any questions you may have – making this a “long-term” connection of mutual benefit to both people.

How does professional development work at ABI?

Each ABInaut has an annual training budget as well as a certain number of training days. You can choose for yourself the direction in which you wish to develop in consultation with the technical homebase, the advisor and the HR department.
There is also regular internal training on our self-organised working method, and you can choose to train to become a facilitator, for example. And there’s training on constructive communication (based on non-violent communication) and on our feedback culture.

How do you deal with conflict at ABI?
A healthy conflict culture is a very important pillar of the ABI working model based on self-organisation. We have a number of trained conflict resolvers in our ABInaut ranks for this. Some are even certified mediators. Each ABInaut can also sign up for training on non-violent communication.

How we work
How we work


How we work

Every ABI employee takes on the role of ABInaut from day one. Essentially, this role describes what we expect of each other as colleagues and what values are important to us in the search for new ABInauts. The role has its own purpose: to consciously explore and expand the ABI world.

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