Audi Commerce Platform

Audi Commerce Platform

“We do eCommerce.”

The focus of the Audi Commerce Platform (ACP) project is on the development of the shopping platform which provides customers with digital services, such as Functions on Demand (FoD), in the latest generations of vehicles. The ACP forms the global shop system for all markets. It provides the global shop frontend (e.g. for myAudi app) and exposes APIs for market specific shop frontends and external product suppliers. It offers the value stream ranging from product management, cart, checkout, payment and accounting to guaranteed delivery to external services, such as vehicles or other third party providers.


  • Development and operation of a scalable, cloud-based eCommerce platform with high availability
  • Agile software development
  • Developer community
  • Full-stack software engineering
  • User-centred design
  • Data analytics
  • Expertise in payment methods and accounting
  • Experience of fast growing and international rollouts (EU, US)


Product Owner | Scrum Master | Backend Development | Frontend Development | Test Management | Service Design | Architects | Rollout Coordinators


Functions on Demand

Customers have the option of reacting flexibly to their changing requirements by retrospectively adding selected optional extras to their vehicle. Functions on Demand allows customers to purchase selected advanced features simply and straightforwardly via the myAudi app after buying their car. It is possible to enable these features for a period of time that suits them. The ordered features are available after the car has been restarted.

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